Garden Hose Pro™

Easy to use

The hose is very flexible, it makes it easy to move around, store and use daily.

Reliable, Robust, and strong

This hose features 2 layers of PVC nitrile compound, which makes it very strong, durable, and ensures the longevity of the hose.

Flexible and tangle resistant

The product is very flexible and features a stylish holder. It won’t get tangled either as it features exterior longitudinal fluting.

Garden Hose Pro™




This very stylish, yet very convenient hose will be a great addition to your garden supplies and not only. It has different modes of stream for various uses, like washing your car, watering your trees or plants. It comes with a handy packaging and cool colors!


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A handy storage design and the compact size provides portability and simplicity in use! Plus no more muddy marks in your garage! The high flexibility of the garden hose will ensure no breakage or leaking of any sorts. Thus the longevity of the product is guaranteed.



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